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Work Package management

 “A work package is a mini-project, in a way,”

The work breakdown structure is developed by the PM using the project charter and scope, which define what is going to be accomplished overall. Every project is made up of work that must be divided into manageable pieces, or work packages, which are the building blocks that help measure progress and control the outcomes of the project.

WP allow us to build success into our project plans by controlling costs and resources while assigning responsibility and managing risks. Utilizing a work breakdown structure defined into specific WP will help keep all the pieces of the project on track.

Each work package should be specific enough to allow a high level of  control. WP will give project managers information on which steps in the process are independent, meaning they do not depend on other parts of the project to be completed.

WP helps project managers to determine which steps in the work process are interdependent, which means they are needed in sequence. This is important because one part of the process may rely on another part of the process.