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Bars Elekter AS uses its experience and competence to provide high-quality commissioning services to our clients.  

We apply specifically tailored techniques and procedures to ensure the systems and equipment have properties and functionalities as required in relevant sections of the applicable standards/regulations and as defined in the design basis.

Commissioning activities represent the gradual transition from the MC status to the "fully functionally tested" status and begin with Pre-commissioning activities. Pre-commissioning is the sub-stage before commissioning which involves the verification of the functional operability of the equipment components or the full systems. Typical deliveries from this sub-stage are: 

  • clarification of MC punchlist items
  • prepared pre-commissioning punchlist
  • completed and signed pre-commissioning procedures, etc 

Then the system and/or equipment are ready for commissioning. Commissioning referes to final checks, inspection and tests to be passed by components and systems to confirm operational readiness. At the commissioning stage it is verified that the installed equipment and systems are working as intended and that the design requirements for the various equipment/system functionalities are met. Typical deliveries from this stage:

  • clarification of pre-commissioning punchlist items
  • prepared commissioning punchlist
  • completed and signed commissioning procedures
  • "system ready for operation" - status

Bars Elekter AS commissioning team has the ability to identify fundamental and core problems at an earlier stage when the effects-consequences can be minimized.