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m/s Skandi Aker

"Skandi Aker is the most advanced vessel of its kind and been announced winner of the coveted international "Ship of the Year 2010" award.
Aker Oilfiel Service has used Bars Elekter as Electrical Contractors on our vessel. The company entrusted Bars Elekter to perform various electrical installation works onboard."

Johan Reenskaug,

Vice President Projects at Aker Oilfield Service

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We are pleased to announce that we have began electrical installation on second Coast Guard vessel KV "Senja" of the Norwegian Navy. 


We are proud to be part of "Project Resolve" - conversion of a container ship into an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment ship for the Canadian Navy. Bars Elekter will be providing electrical design, electrical installation services and metal outfitting for electrical systems.

Please check section "News" for more details. 


PLC cource

To meet the needs of our customers we are constantly making improvements to the technology and adding new features.For this purpose we have agreed on partnerships with the main players in the market such as Siemens and ABB. These partners are providing automation courses for our personnel.These courses are designed to provide Bars Elekter staff with the knowledge and skills needed to accomplish work related to the IAS. At the end of an automation training course,attendees will be able to understand the complex nature of the equipment and systems on board a specific Rig or Vessel.

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